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Question asked by Michael Ferraro on Oct 5, 2016
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I have a question regarding BOM templates.

I have a BOM template saved with specific fonts & sizes saved that each of the users here use daily.


When you bring in the BOM it looks like "Capture-091". After you sort and resize all the columns it looks like "Capture-092". But what I want to ask has to do with "Capture-093". When you click at the top left of the BOM why does the font size ready empty? If the template has a specific font and font size attached to it, why is that not reflected here? Is that because the BOM is trying to scale itself?


On a side note: I do have the "use template settings" checked on each machine. We are also all running 2015 SP2.1.


The real problem we are having is that sometimes when you bring a BOM into a sheet, the font is way to large, and sometimes it is way too small. And I don't believe the results are even consistent each time. I was wondering if maybe I am missing something somewhere that could easily fix this.


Has anyone else noticed this? And if so what have you done to work around or fix this issue?