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    Cost of upgrading PDM

    Thomas Voetmann

      Our company (8 seats - 400Gb vault data) is about to upgrade PDM from WorkgroupPDM to PDM Standard.


      We asked our VAR for a cost estimate and this is what he came up with. Note this is chargeable work time spend not duration which probably is longer as some conversion takes place unsupervised.


      Installation PCs: 1 day

      Installation server: 1 day

      Setup and test of conversion routine: 5 days

      Setup PDM standard: 1 day

      Conversion of data: 3 days


      In total 11 days of payed work by an experienced expert charging a hefty salary !


      Is this a reasonably time consumption?

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          Lee CS Young

          A 400GB vault is a fair size. If you're bringing in all your file history I'd say that is a reasonable quote. If you can live with the latest revision only, go that route. You'll save yourself and your VAR some headaches.


          The vault setup, server install and client installs can be done in one day concurrently. (Not 3.)

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            Christian Chu

            Give the job to VAR and you'll have trouble free; however, if you or anyone at work is capable of doing this job then it'd be another choice

            I like to setting up by myself so I know the system better for any issue coming up later on

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              Chris Saller

              We also received a high quote for the change.

              We decided to use the money and purchase EPDM next year.

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                Austin Broeker

                It seems a little high to me, but maybe they're just estimating on a "worst-case scenario" basis. I haven't been around for a full PDM migration, but I've been involved in several EPDM upgrades, and this seems like it could be done a little faster.


                Client installation: This is easy. For 8 seats, it shouldn't take more than a few hours.

                Server installation: This is a little trickier, but it also shouldn't take more than a couple hours.

                Setting up and testing conversion: If your VAR rep knows what they are doing, I would think they should be able to complete this in 3 or 4 days (or less).

                Setting up PDM standard: If they are referring to setting up the vault view, this shouldn't take more than a couple hours.

                Conversion of data: I would expect this to take around 2 - 3 days, but it also depends on network speeds and how much data will actually be migrated.


                Assuming everything goes relatively smooth, I would expect a realistic work time of about 6 - 8 days. I agree with Lee CS Young that client installation, server installation, and vault setup should all be able to be completed within one day. To help lessen the chance of it taking longer, check to make sure that your server hosts and clients meet the system requirements before your VAR rep gets there. We had to upgrade our servers during a PDM upgrade a couple years ago, and it took a size-able chunk of time to get that straightened out with our IT department.



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                  Mike Pogue

                  Installation PCs is silly.

                  Installation server may require a little more skill, but is within the capability of any IT department.

                  Conversion of data is done by computers--not manually. I have no idea what that labor charge might represent. Maybe they can explain it, but they've already gigged you for setting it up. Are they gigging you for staring at their phones while the conversion runs?

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                    Anna Wood

                    How much are they charging an hour?  11 days at a $150-$200 an hour seems reasonable for a 400 gig vault.  15-20K to convert a vault, with a guarantee of it being correct seems pretty cheap.  It is not a plug and play, one to one conversion.  Every vault needs some custom tuning to the customer needs and how they use the vault.


                    How many hours did it take to create all that data over the years?  How much did that cost?  How much headache and cost if the conversion goes bad?


                    What is the saying about placing the X only costs $10, knowing where to place it $10,000.


                    Would be curious if you decide to go with a less expensive option (whatever that may be) that you report back here what your experience was good or bad.  Would the less expensive option have been worth it if it all goes bad?   How did the experience go with using your VAR is you decide to go that route?




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                      Thomas Voetmann

                      Thank you so much everyone.

                      I marked Austin Broeker as correct as this answer was the most in depth but all your answers are valuable to me.


                      @ Anna Wood. Thanks for the comparison with the cost of data creation. And I will tell my experience when we get to it. But we are still in a research phase.


                      @ Mike Pogue. I don't want to pay for my VAR to watch the grass grow while the computer does the work. But how can I know?


                      Anyway I am still puzzled. SW provides a tool to the VARs and if they have the experience in using it, it must be a crappy tool to require so much time. And if each VAR has say 100 PDM Workgroup users how can we make it in time for SW2018?


                      I'll go to management and let you all know.

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                        Joy Garon

                        Hello All, As Lee Young noted, a 400GB vault is significant for a Workgroup vault. The actual conversion time might be light. It assumes a good quality vault. Some questions: how old are the oldest files in the vault? Do they go back to the time when the SOLIDWORKS file extensions were .prt, .asm and .drw? Have you ever changed the revision scheme you were using? Are you using lifecycles? Do you make extensive use of configurations? Each of these can add to the level of complexity. Working with an experienced VAR is the best way to mitigate potential issues. Regards, Joy