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    Using hold wizard to add threads?

    Xuno Gildelamadrid

      Hello all,

      So I have used hold wizard to add drill holes (#10-32) to a part but I am trying to also add the threads to the hole. It seems as I am not doing that, just drawing in the pre-tap hole. Can someone confirm what I am doing here? I have attached the file so that whoever chooses can click on my hole wizard setting and hopefully tell me what it is that I am doing wrong.


      Thanks as always!


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          Xuno Gildelamadrid

          Just to make it more clear. I am not looking for cosmetic threads. I don't care if I see the threads or not I just want to make sure the hole is threaded so that when the part gets cut it ends up with #10-32 threads.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            Have you tried using the Thread feature?


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              Paul Risley

              The hole wizard profile you are using is just for a tap drill.Capture.JPG


              The black arrow marks the one you are using. The red arrow marks the one you should be using. You can scroll further down in the options window ad toggle cosmetic threads on or off.

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                  Xuno Gildelamadrid

                  Alright, well then as you mentioned, I am just using the wrong option. I don't know if i will get a chance today but first chance I do get I will try it the right way.


                  The cosmetic threads option is just for the user to be able to see some kind of graphical representation of the threads, right?  But regardless of weather the threads are visible (cosmetic threads) or not they still will be a part of the part if I use the correct option correct?

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                    Xuno Gildelamadrid

                    Ok so I have gone with the threaded option on the hole wizard but I am facing a problem.

                    The blind depth of my holes is lets say .325" and then the thread depth keeps being put in automatically for me, which shows it as somewhere around .38". This is deeper than the hole I have set, the bottom of the hole tapers at a specific angle and I can not have that messed up with deeper threads or a anything going into that tapered end to the hole.


                    I try to customize the thread depth to something slightly less than .325" (lets say .31") but it never saves that and reverts back to the .38". I know the .38" is because of the 2*diameter but my tolerances simply cannot do that so I need to customize the thread dept.


                    Can someone tell me what I can do to help the threads stay where they need to be, or what happens when the machine tries to cut that and the drawing shows the thread blind deeper than the hole blind?



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                        Paul Risley




                        Once you have your settings the way you want them for your hole on the top of the hole there are those little icons. The first star is add a favorite. Choose this one, you can re-name the hole whatever you want to that makes sense to you.

                        Then if you move over 2 icons there is a star with a disk which you can use to save the favorite you just created.

                        Depending on how you are networked you may have to do some digging on an appropriate folder path to save your favorites to.

                        From this point on you can either load your favorites (far right star icon) or open your part template load the favorites you created and save your template as a new template.

                        Lot of description to do this but once you do it a few times it is easy and then you can create all of the custom holes you want.


                        Hope that helps.

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                      Chris Saller

                      This topic has been beaten to death. ;-)

                      Call out the thread data on the drawing, drill size is not needed; leave that up to the machinist.

                      No point modeling the threads, they can't be used in machining/3D printing anyway.

                      Yes, cosmetic threads are only for visual reference.