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    equation add2 false error?

    Yannick Proulx

      Hi Guys,

      I have a little problem with the equation manager Add2 function.

      when I delete all the equation that have instr "TEST"  then try to re add thoses equations (exactly the same equation that was delete previously),I get an return value of -1 on the add2 function but the equation is still added.

      I debug print 40 equation at the beginning, then after delete the TEST equation I debug.print 27 and after all TEST equation re added I debug print 40 ...But I get a -1 on all add2 function...

      Why am I getting a false error? and How can I prevent it?


      One again Thank you for your time and Knowledge



      Here is My code Snippet:

              'file is loaded silently

              Dim EquatMgr As SldWorks.EquationMgr = swModelDoc.GetEquationMgr

              Dim EquaCount As Integer = EquatMgr.GetCount

              Debug.Print("Equation Count before delete : " & EquaCount) '<--------------------------------Equation Count before delete : 40

              ''check if equation already exist and if yes delete it

              Dim RetVal As Integer = Nothing

              Dim sEquat(EquaCount - 1) As String


              'Keep internal equation ,delete TEST equation

              For I = 0 To EquaCount - 1

                  If InStr(EquatMgr.Equation(I), "TEST") > 0 Then

                      RetVal = EquatMgr.Delete(I)

                      If RetVal = -1 Then

         msgBox("An error occured while suppressing equation : " & EquatMgr.Equation(I))

                      End If

                  End If



              EquaCount = EquatMgr.GetCount

              Debug.Print("Equation Count after delete TEST equation : " & EquaCount) '<--------------------------------Equation Count after delete TEST equation : 27

              Debug.Print("TEST Equation to be added : " & EquationDict.Count) '<--------------------------------TEST Equation to be added : 13

              For Each equation In EquationDict.Values

                  RetVal = EquatMgr.Add2(-1, equation, False) '<--------------------------------HERE IS THE RetVal = -1 but the equation is still added

                  If RetVal = -1 Then

                      MsgBox("An error occured while addin equation : " & equation )

                  End If


              Debug.Print("Equation Count after all equation added : " & EquatMgr.GetCount) '<--------------------------------Equation Count after all equation added : 40