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Linking Notes from Mirrored parts

Question asked by Roy Potter on Oct 5, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2009 by Roy Potter
(This could equally be in the weldments or parts forum)

I've mirrored a weldment part and created a drawing.
First point is the two parts need unique part numbers. Second point is linking the the mass/weight property to a drawing.

To get over the first point I added the PartNo. property to the configuration custom property. (you may ask why I did not change the number in the bill of materials options - I did, but I can not find a way to link this number to anything other than the BOM, which is another issue).

I tried to add a weight property to the custom configuration but it returns 'fromparent+' in the drawing. Any ideas how to get around this (apart from typing in the weight as a text value?).