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    Linking Notes from Mirrored parts

    Roy Potter
      (This could equally be in the weldments or parts forum)

      I've mirrored a weldment part and created a drawing.
      First point is the two parts need unique part numbers. Second point is linking the the mass/weight property to a drawing.

      To get over the first point I added the PartNo. property to the configuration custom property. (you may ask why I did not change the number in the bill of materials options - I did, but I can not find a way to link this number to anything other than the BOM, which is another issue).

      I tried to add a weight property to the custom configuration but it returns 'fromparent+' in the drawing. Any ideas how to get around this (apart from typing in the weight as a text value?).
        • Linking Notes from Mirrored parts
          Rio Benson

          If I'm reading you correctly, it seems as though you don't understand that Weldments are actually multi-bodied parts, and not assemblies. The Cutlist, although similar to a BOM, is just a special form of a SW table, and does not work exactly the same way as a BOM. Any multi-bodied.sldprt file can be saved as a .sldasm file, however, where your separate bodies will show up as in-context created parts. You can then detail your parts as usual, and the weight calculations will be automatic provided your drawing template is properly set up.
            • Linking Notes from Mirrored parts
              Roy Potter
              it seems as though I did not explain myself cleary. I fully understand that weldments are mutli-body parts and I understand the difference between assemblies and multi-body parts. :-)

              The part number for the BOM can be recorded directly in the PM (use config name/filename/user specified) but this value can only be accessed by the BOM table (I think), hence I use the 'partno' property so that I can label the drawings in the way my clients want them.
              Having a LH/RH component required two distinct numbers (even if they only have L & R appended) and two models.

              The problem lies in the information passed from a parent part to a derived part, in my case the mirrored item. As already said in my first post, getting over the part number was easy. I tried the same technique to get the mass to record but SW left the field blank so, I can not get the derived part to report it's mass in the Mass property field for use in drawings.

              I have standard sheets set up that automatically fill in with the correct information taken from the part files properties. However, the derived part does not seem to have it's own information and places literally 'fromparent+' in the drawing instead of the value for mass.