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IGES file and face orientation

Question asked by Jean-Marc Langlois on Oct 4, 2016

Hi all,


I'm currently investigating an issue we have when importing an IGES file into a SolidWorks part file... Essentially the problem is that some of the faces that are part of the IGES surface we are trying to import into SW have an incoherent orientation once loaded in SW... The attached file illustrates the problem I am seeing much better than anything I can write about...


As explained in the attached file, after the IGES file is imported, I run the "Import Diagnostics" tool on the newly imported solid/surface and it looks like there are no errors in the IGES data file to begin with... And then after clicking OK on the Import Diagnostics tool, the faces seem to have the expected orientation...


Am  I missing something obvious here ?


Any comments welcome.


FYI, this is on SW 2015 x64, SP 3.0.




Jean-Marc Langlois