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    Cloud Point Import

    Edmond Husseini
      Hi, I have an .igs file that contains over 180,000 cloud data points from a scan that I am trying to import into SolidWorks. I have SWX 2008 Premium with the ScanTo3D add-in. When I import the .igs file the cloud points are imported as a 3D Sketch and I am having trouble using the ScanTo3D functionality to help me create the surfaces I need.

      This is what the SolidWorks help file instructs me to do:

      "Click Open and select one of the following types of scan data files in Files of type:

      Mesh Files (*.nxm; *.scn; *.3ds; *.obj; *.stl; *.wrl; *.ply; *.ply2)

      PointCloud Files (*.xyz; *.txt; *.asc; *.vda; *.igs; *.ibl)

      ScanTo3D automatically imports textures from 3D Studio .3ds, .obj, and .wrl files provided the textures are clearly linked to the mesh file. Otherwise, the mesh imports with no textures. You can specify the location of texture files in the Import Options dialog box..

      Browse to a file for File name.

      Click Options, set the import options, then click OK.

      Click Open.

      Mesh or Point Cloud appears in the FeatureManager design tree."

      I do not get the 'Mesh' or 'Point Cloud' icons in my FeatureManager, and all the ScanTo3D functions are greyed out.

      Am I choosing the wrong import options? Can someone maybe point me in the right direction?

      Many thanks in advance..
        • Cloud Point Import

          If you used the specific "PointCloud files" suffix .igs then the points should NOT be 3D sketchpoints. It sounds like you might have used the standard .igs import instead.

          To import them as cloud points, you need to drop down to the specific "PointCloud Files" file type. then load your file.

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              Christopher Thompson
              When I had a similar issue in Pro-E, the summary below solved the problem for Pro-E


              . Export file as IGES, and select 'Datum Curves and points'
              . Rename file from *.IGES to *.pts
              . Open Offset CSys Datum Points tool, and click 'import' and select the *.pts file

              I have been able to import points from an Excel file by saving the Excel file as a *.txt file, and then use the cloud point tool (Scanto3D) to import the *.txt file. I have not been able to get SolidWorks to import an IGES file that also contains both points and surfaces or solids. Pro-E can import an IGES containing 3-D points, curves, solids, and surfaces. I do not see any options in SolidWorks to change the IGES import settings. Perhaps this could be an enhancement request?

              There is a macro that will supposedly will perform a Point Import From Excel on this link without the Scanto3D add-in.

              If I had this IGES file, I would try stripping the points from the file in Pro-E by saving (exporting) the points (from Pro-E's Offset CSys Datum Points tool) as a *.pts file. Excel can open a *.pts file and convert to a *.txt file and this file can be then imported into SolidWorks using the cloud point tool. 180K points could be a problem even for Excel. Perhaps grouping and saving the points in multiple files would make it more manageable.

              If you find a more direct method, please let us know.
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              Edmond Husseini
              Hi Mark, thanks for your response.. I missed that option, it works fine now!