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BSPT tap drill sizes - SW differ from standards?

Question asked by Josh Campbell on Oct 4, 2016

The company i work for is starting to use more metric parts in our machines/fixtures... with that, alot of the pneumatic fittings are BSPT threads. so as i have been designing, i use the DIN standards for 1/8 Rc and 1/4 Rc from the hole wizard. i assumed the dimensions that come from here are correct. the drawings that have been getting released are now being questioned on the tap drill sizes for BSPT. has anyone else noticed this being different than the DIN standards?


i found a whitworth chart and it is different than what solidworks comes in by default.


BSPT Whitworth Tapered Pipe Thread DIN 2999

below is a 1/8Rc thread i put into a plate.

i just wanted to ask the community before i create a set of favorites for our company to use. thanks.