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    HP ZBook Studio G3 with SolidWorks?

    Chris B.

      Have you run SolidWorks on a HP Zbook Studio G3?


      What's your experience been, good or bad?



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          Matthew Kressin

          I've had a rough experience with my company assigned Zbook G3 15".  Core i7, M1000M, SSD.  It's been crashes, instability, etc.  File explorer crashes, blinking screen, etc.  The driver that was preloaded was not Solidworks approved either, so I tried reverting to an older, but approved one.  Hopefully that helps.  I'd like to hear from other people who have figured out the issues with it.   The design of this laptop is really nice, and the hardware should be more than adequate for my needs. 

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              Chris B.

              We've had two of these.  First one couldn't install Windows 10.  Spent days trying multiple installs, it would always just hang.  Sent it back.


              Have a new one with Windows 10 pre-installed.  Even the simplest things (one SolidWorks drawing of one part with only 5 features, and no other programs open) and it hangs.  Not to terribly impressed so far.  For the specs it has, it seems very strange.  Reviews of the previous ZBooks with SolidWorks on this forum were also not good.

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                  Matthew Kressin

                  This is an older thread, but thought I'd give people an update.  We bought 3 of these Zbook studio G3s, and had all kinds of trouble with the performance, especially with docking stations and monitors.   Solidworks would have mysterious bugs where hidden bodies would not hide, configurations would not update, etc.   SW reseller support had no answer except to blame the video driver.  I also had countless crashes in Windows explorer, which turned out to be caused by the quick access toolbar shortcuts having a file path with too many characters. 


                  As far as compatibility with docking stations for two 2k monitors:

                  First we tried the elite HP 150w docking station with two displayport cables. That had all kinds of trouble with poor performance, monitors flickering, failure to connect to monitors, etc.  The laptop fan would run constantly and sound overworked.  It also does not like hot swapping, for example if you unplug your laptop to go to a meeting.  It must really be powered down to undock and booted up fresh to redock.  Also, the power cable is finicky and often does not connect cleanly, leading to your laptop not getting charge.  I installed a pile of updates to firmware, drivers, software, got new monitors, etc. etc. but eventually gave up.   


                  Next we tried a Kensington sd4600p dock (one monitor displayport, the other HDMI).  That worked OK for about 3 months, except for the occasional peripheral dropping out.  The performance was far better, the CPU fan ran far less, and there was only an occasional flickering.  It also is OK for hot swapping, a big plus.  However, after about 3 months of calm and quiet, both Kensington docks mysteriously stopped working with 1 or both monitors.   One of our users had trouble with this setup and his Zbook struggled with poor performance.  For example, his could not run Solidworks and Inventor at the same time, while mine could just fine.  Same drivers, same hardware, same everything...     I tried updating the software and firmware, but the firmware update failed. 


                  Third try is a Plugable UD-3900.  (uses 2x HDMI.  Note that one HDMI is a 4k HDMI port but the other is not). Some monitors may not work in this setup. Took a while to get it to recognize both monitors.  We needed to use DVI for one of the monitors.  The Zbook runs a bit hotter and louder fan than the Kensignton, but he setup seems stable.  For now...  


                  HP released a pile of suggestions to address all these issues.  BIOS updates, drivers, etc.  but they only partially address the problem.  If you are reading this thread, seriously question if you truly need a mobile workstation before going this route.  Trying to ram 150w of power, two monitors, audio, 3 peripherals, network cable, etc. etc. all through one little USB-C cable is just not ideal, and it's not perfected yet.   HP couldn't get their own $300 dock to work with their high end mobile CAD workstation.  Dell's attempt was a disaster too.  That should tell you something.  


                  Hope this helps someone. 

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                      Stephen Copeland

                      Thanks for that.


                      I was considering Zbook G4 with the xeon processor and the Nvidia graphics cards. I suspect the issue was the graphics card as the Nvidia cards seem to work a bit better. I have a M6800 running Nvidia  on two 24" monitors from the dell dock and has been faultless. Dragging it around is a real pain. I was sort of hoping the HP zbook G4 would be good. Still looking for a decent review by guys that are using them though.

                      Thanks for your comments very helpful.