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    Does SolidWorks Flow simulation 2016 support HPC ?

    Michal Brzeski

      I'm tryin' to make HPC cluster on MS Windows Server 2012  for flow simulation purposes.

      Does anybody has experience with HPC on Flow simulation ?


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          Siavash Khajehhasani

          I have had extensive experience using HPC.

          If your HPC is Linux/Unix base, which I assume is (in most cases), then forget about SW as this is only a windows based program.

          However, if you have an HPC which you can run a windows based program on it, for instance a custom made one, SW flow sim has the ability to get connected to the network and uses all available core.

          Hope it helps.

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            Bill McEachern

            As has been mentioned in other threads the core scaling on flow sim is far from linear. There is not a lot of solve time reduction on multi socket machines and it is pretty diminished after say 6 cores at least in my experience with older versions. I have not checked it out on recent versions and it may have been improved. I have a dual socket Xeon SMP machine with a total of 12 cores. You could argue it is not an HPC and I would conceed the point. On big models, say 5 million cells (all types with high fraction of partials) conjugate heat transfer problem it can take significant hours like 24 to get the solution far enough along that the jury is in even if the goals are not "converged". I would think many people would be interested in how you make out so please post how you make out. Don't get your hopes up through.