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How to modify SWE cable length using Excel?

Question asked by Caleb Youker on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by Caleb Youker

So I've known about the ability to export/import using excel for some time, but just today had a situation where it might come in quite handy...unfortunately as I proceeded I didn't find what I was expecting...


I have a project with 5 cables, each with either 2 or 3 cores.


I do not have a 3D representation of this assembly since the CAD would take quite awhile to assemble in a meaningful way.  I do have, however, a truck out on the assembly floor that is built up, so I measured the cable lengths needed on the product itself, and was expecting to be able to enter these values manually.


So, with known lengths for each cable, I proceeded as follows:


1. Import/Export Tab:

     a. Export to Excel

     b. Choose Wiring/Cabling > Next

     c. Pop-up warns of existing file - choose "Delete Existing Exports"

     d. Choose destination folder.

     e. "Finish"

     f. "Override"


2. Open resulting xls file, navigate to "Cable" tab.


On the tab for the cables, there is no 'length' column.  There is in the wiring tab, but modifying these values does not affect the report generated for the cables, since all wires are associated as cores.


How do I manually edit cable lengths?


SWE 2015.0.5 Build 17