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    New to using surfaces

    Ben Heath
      Attached is a file containing 3 surface lofts-just wanted someone who is experienced with surfaces to open it up and take a look. Any constructive criticism will be helpful. Would like to know why I am still unable to knit the surfaces together to form a solid body and then thicken. Also, you will notice a small gap between the smallest and largest surface in the lower left corner-what am i doing wrong???

      Email: BenjaminCHeath@Gmail.com
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          Matt Lombard
          Using 09 I was able to knit the three bodies together, but they won't thicken.

          Not sure what you're trying to accomplish, but the loft28 is a problem. Notice that it doesn't really follow the curves that you laid down. I'd recommend looking through some examples of surface models to get an idea of the general overall workflow for parts like the one you're trying to make. There are not a lot of people willing to just give away high level work, although there are some who do.

          If you're interested, I have a book for sale that walks through several examples of surfacing models. http://dezignstuff.com/blog/?page_id=75
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              Deepak Gupta
              I tried something on your model. Check the attached picture.
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                  Here is the Hairdryer model that I create 3 years ago and that we use for many of our demos and publicity. It has a fair number of the surface features in it plus flex and freeform.

                  If you rollback to just before the details folder you can see the main surfaces for the hairdryer.

                  Some other things I notice about your model; don't try to control the shape of your lofts with too many profiles. The more profiles you add, the more uncontrollable (wavy) it will get. try to get the shape you want with the minimum of profile and guide curves. Also, learn how to use the splines with "show curvature" display so that you can make them smooth. Also on you lower handle surface, you cannot be very successful with loft in which one or both of the endpoints are shared between loft profile. This creates what is called degenerate point in the resultant surface. Try to make your surfaces where the profiles are going generally parallel to one another and the guide curves going perpendicular to the profiles. If you need to "cap" the bottom of your handle (or other parts of your model) with a smooth surface (3 sided edges or 5 or more) use the Fill feature.

                  Hope this helps.