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Parts and Vendors Alternative

Question asked by Luke B. on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by Andrew Schutte

We are a small job shop looking for a replacement to Parts and Vendors. Parts and Vendors software was created by Trilogy design, and has since stopped all of their product support. We are experiencing crashes and errors on a daily basis and need a new program ASAP. We do not want/need an ERP software suite, we simply want something as close to P&V as possible. The P&V features we are looking for are: multi-level part and assembly management, BOMs associated with specific parts, drawing and document number fields for each part or assembly level, parts associated with specific vendors, storage of price breaks for parts, inventory management, PO issuing and management, running a buy for a specific job, issue of RFQs, vendor management, capability of handling at least 15 simultaneous users, ability to import SW BOMs via .csv, and ability to preview/view SW drawings or parts directly within the software. Any help would be much appreciated.