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Why is PDM so complicated ?

Question asked by Michael Bardwell on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by Jason Capriotti

After a number of hours installing reconfiguring, editing windows credentials, firewalls, and so on... it struck me... there is no need at all for most of these steps when setting up any other database... why does pdm want to use non-standard ports ? - why is PDM viewing only available if you have a full license on each computer that wants to view it ? ... honestly I just cannot see the point of it, it's a highly overpriced concurrent versioning system, nothing more. You can get much better from Grabcad for free for unlimited users who can view and comment anywhere in the world...


I'm a software engineer and CAD administrator and I have never seen such an overcomplicated useless bit of software in my life. Personally I think it's engineered the way it is to make people give up and pay the VAR the thousands of dollars it costs to have them come and install it for you.


After all the effort put into getting it working to find out it's just a basic CVS that does nothing for anyone who isn't specifically using solidworks ... pffft.


like I said, much better free offerings our there to manage versions / notes / descriptions ..etc.


I think it's fairly unlikely that any developers would read this.. but if you do, you need to go home and have a long think about software 'should' be created.


It's easier to setup a relational DB or even SAP was easier than this, again my only conclusion is that the difficulty if artificial and deliberate.

/rant over