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Multiple plances on cone surface

Question asked by Xuno Gildelamadrid on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by Xuno Gildelamadrid

Hello once again everyone,


So lets say I have a cone and I want to use the hole wizard to make multiple holes on the surface of the cone. I have made a plain to correspond to a corresponding tangental line on the cone but this only helped me make one hole as I want to make many along a certain radius ring.

What would be a way to choose a new plain references to where I can make many plains (around 7) all at different angles from a bisecting line but yet in the plane of the surface of the cone?


Should I first make a plain that splits the cone in half along the height of the cone and use this line as one of my references so I can choose an angle off of it? IDK just brainstorming here but could use some help with ideas.


Thanks gain,