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    Color Scheme

    david slomski

      I've set top and bottom gradiant colors, and my background appearance to Gradiant. I saved it as a scheme.

      When I exit SW and restart it, my scheme isn't activated and the background appearance stays at the default "use document scene background"

      Any ideas how to get my scheme to be active when starting SW?

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          Steven Dinsdale
          I believe you will need to open the part template file, *.prtdot, make your changes, then save it again as a template.

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            Charles Culp

            I'm going to disagree with Steven, but only partially. If you set your system settings to use a different scheme, and that scheme is set to "Gradient", then that should override and part template settings. Unfortunately, I do not have an explanation for you as to why this would be happening.

            Also note that to change your part template, simply open a new part document like normal. Then you can make any changes you need to the Document properties (note that background schemes are system properties), and then do "Save as", and choose "part template" from the dropdown.
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                John Sweeney
                Hi Dave,
                This problem sounds like an issue that we fixed in 2008 SP5. What service pack are you using?

                The issue was seen for new users who selected the "I am a new user. Show quick tips help to get me started" option, in our "Welcome to SolidWorks" dialog. Selecting this option flags you as a "new user" in the registry until the next major version of SolidWorks. This "new user" flag was causing this particular issue.

                Let me know if this does not match your situation and we can investigate further.

                Best Regards,

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                Charles Culp
                2008 SP5EV was just released, along with the fixes. This was on the list of fixes for SP5.