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Weldment profile with multiple contours

Question asked by Justin Lee on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by Eric Porter

Looking to create a custom weldment profile that includes multiple closed contours.  Using a profile with multiple closed contours, I want to create a new weldment using a single sketch entity that results in 3d geometry for each closed contour within the custom profile sketch..


Ive got a profile drawn that has multiple closed contours, but when i use that profile to create a body, only 1 of the closed contours gets used to produce geometry, the other closed contours are ignored, and I see no way to activate or select any other closed contour & Solidworks seems to choose which contour gets used at random. (see attached)




Anyone have any ideas?  At this point, I'm assuming I will need multiple profiles and multiple structural member elements to make this happen.



For the sake of example: With the extrude/cut/revolve tools, using a single sketch, we can manually select which closed contours get used to produce 3d geometry.. Assuming we completely lack this ability for custom weldment profiles.



Side note.. You might wonder, why not just create a single triangular profile and do offset, thicken, etc.    Doable, but I want to streamline the process by using the multiple closed contours in a single profile.  fewer features, fewer clicks, fewer hours spent, etc.


Guidance, confirmation, etc., is much appreciated!