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Problem With Gear Movement When Added To Assembly

Question asked by Dave Bear on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by Dave Bear

Hi all,

I have an assembly that has two rotary fan cylinders in it (parallel to each other) that both move very freely. To drive these cylinders I have created a separate gear casing assembly that consists of the casing, two bearings and two gears. This assembly also works as it should and the involuted gears have been mechanical mated (gear mate) as per SolidWorks guidelines show. They mesh nicely together and spin freely. The problem begins when I mate one assembly to the other. All measurements have been more than triple checked and there is no unnecessary interference anywhere, but no matter how I mate the two assemblies all movement stops and all I get is a dialogue pop up box stating "The selected component is fully defined. It cannot be moved." whenever I click on one of the objects that should rotate.


What could be causing this?

Any help appreciated.


Regards Dave.