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Emissive Lighting Problems

Question asked by Alex Doran on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by Alex Doran

Hi Everyone,


I thought that i was getting to grips with Visualize, however i can't seem to achieve the result that i want. I am trying to render some images of a 3D Printer i am designing.


On the under face of the Extruder / Tool head there will be a strip of LED's to highlight the Print, i have modelled these into my Solidworks model, and applied an emissive appearance to them, however they are not behaving as i expected, i want the light to be strongly lighting the area below the tool head and spilling onto the frame next to the Tool Head.


I am using the Classic Photoshoot scene as i wanted a Dark render Environment, the lighting of the emissive is very weak even in the dark environment, if i increase the intensity of the emissive enough to achieve the lighting i want, it considerably darkens the rest of the model and scene almost so that it cannot be seen. This behaviour is only apparent in Final Rendering, when using accurate preview the results are as i want them.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have uploaded some rough renders of the position of the LED, the results on final render, and the results i want displayed during accurate preview.


LED Position:



How the final render comes out:



How the preview displays and what i would like:




Any help would be greatly appreciated.