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    Emissive Lighting Problems

    Alex Doran

      Hi Everyone,


      I thought that i was getting to grips with Visualize, however i can't seem to achieve the result that i want. I am trying to render some images of a 3D Printer i am designing.


      On the under face of the Extruder / Tool head there will be a strip of LED's to highlight the Print, i have modelled these into my Solidworks model, and applied an emissive appearance to them, however they are not behaving as i expected, i want the light to be strongly lighting the area below the tool head and spilling onto the frame next to the Tool Head.


      I am using the Classic Photoshoot scene as i wanted a Dark render Environment, the lighting of the emissive is very weak even in the dark environment, if i increase the intensity of the emissive enough to achieve the lighting i want, it considerably darkens the rest of the model and scene almost so that it cannot be seen. This behaviour is only apparent in Final Rendering, when using accurate preview the results are as i want them.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have uploaded some rough renders of the position of the LED, the results on final render, and the results i want displayed during accurate preview.


      LED Position:



      How the final render comes out:



      How the preview displays and what i would like:




      Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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          Scott Ellery

          Hi Alex ,


          with emissive material generally the more passes the better result you are going to get as visualize has to calculate all the rays


          how many passes do you have set when you render are you using the default 500?


          make sure you render in Accurate mode as well as set your passes higher (you can preview this by letting you preview window res up and see how the lighting looks)


          also if you like what the preview displays you could always just take a snapshot instead of rendering it out



          EDIT : better yet keep note of the pass count on your preview window when it gets to a level that you like and make sure to set that pass count when rendering

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            Brian Hillner

            Thanks for the words of wisdom, Scott.


            In addition, you can brighten the overall scene by adjusting the 'Brightness' slider in the Scenes Tab. Or if you are using Visualize Pro, tweak the Camera Post-Processing settings for that specific camera. You can also enable the new 'Bloom' filter to make anything that is emissive glow with a halo around it for added punch.

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              Alex Doran

              Ok so i left the render running overnight for 4 hours, and the results are much better! I think i bumped up the environment brightness just a little too much, i'll reduce it back a bit an run again.


              Here is my result this time, see i got the emissive lighting i wanted but the overall light levels are slightly too high:



              Thanks again for the help.



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                Alex Doran

                Hi Steve, I will bear that in mind thank you, though i am guilty of holding the point of view - I should be able to get this result straight from Visualize, the only thing holding me back is my own skill!


                Thank you, i appreciate that, i have the working prototype but am still tweaking the design too, the printer could look better, but the parts must be designed in a way that they can be easily printed.


                So i have produced a 12 Hour overnight, still going to tweak down he environment lighting back to normal, as this is the header image for the website i wanted a darker look.




                I have another problem now, parts of my assembly keep getting imported in the wrong position or not imported at all, even after several live updates from the assembly file there is no change. Is there anyway i can force this to solve?


                Thanks for all the help guys.



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                    Brian Hillner

                    Hi Alex,

                    Nice job tweaking the image! There is a saying in the rendering world that goes, "the last 10% of work, takes 90% of the total time."

                    Yes, the Bloom Filter I mentioned is a Visualize Pro-only feature.


                    Sorry to hear you are having problems with CAD Live-Update. You can try forcing the update by clicking here within the Models Tab:



                    Also, if you are still finding issues with CAD Live-Update, please open a support ticket with your VAR, be descriptive with the exact steps that got you to the issue, write your expected outcome, and include files to help us debug. This is the fastest way for the Visualize R&D team to squash any bugs.


                    Thanks and keep up the great work!