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suggestions tangent surface after mirror

Question asked by Michael Jones on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by Michael Jones

Hi There,


I have created a part which I was planning on mirroring from the start.  I though I was careful in creating tangent geometries so that when I mirror the part I don't get split lines.  In the image you can see the split lines where it is non-tangent.   I had to do some solid clean-up based on the surfacing creating some wierd effects at the split when I thickened the part. 


Can someone with some experience inspect the part and give suggestion on how I might ensure I have tangents at the split? 


As  side note, would you have used surfaces to create this part?  Seemed simpler from my limited experience, but maybe that's where I went wrong.  Thanks for the feedback!