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Solidworks 2016 Compare Geometry - No longer able to save bodies to new file?

Question asked by Doug Seibel on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by Amy Justice

In previous versions of Solidworks, after running Compare Geometry you could check "save parts on exit" and then when closed the analysis it would save the bodies into a new part.  So you would have a new part with color-coded bodies in named folders...Common Bodies, Material Added, and Material Removed.  In Solidworks 2016, I have only been able to save the bodies if I select one of the 2 part models it was comparing and save them into that part model...which is something that I very much DO NOT want to do.  Is there some way to get it to save the bodies into a separate file, like it did before?  And if not, then Solidworks...please....BRING THAT ABILITY BACK!!!  Just add the option to "save bodies to new file".