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Custom Properties Propagator

Question asked by Doug Seibel on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2019 by Fifi Riri

We have always made heavy use of the custom properties in Solidworks.  All of the parts and assemblies for any given job have custom properties that ripple into the drawings and fill in the title block and several notes.  Up until now, we have used Propa-Gator (CustomSolids for Solidworks) to do this.  It was a very easy to use tool, and worked very quickly.  Simply load the files, check-mark the properties that need to be changed, enter the proper value for the properties, and let it run.  Below is a screen-shot of the user interface.  You didn't have to re-enter the properties every time you ran it, all you needed to do was change the property value.  It was very quick, very easy.


We just recently made the jump from Solidworks 2014 to 2016.  And now that we are running 2016, we can no longer use Propa-Gator.  When Solidworks made the jump to being an exclusively 64 bit software, Propa-Gator ceased to work.  This has left us in a bit of a lurch.  Task Scheduler can do the "same" thing, but not nearly as easily since it does not seem to have any way to save the properties that we constantly use/change on each job, so we have to re-enter the property names (and enter them perfectly every time, or they will effectively be "different" properties than what the drawings look for) AND enter the property values...on every job.  Tedious and error-prone.  We are looking in #TASK, and while it appears that it can do what we is an exceptionally cumbersome user interface when compared to what we have been using, or even compared to Task Scheduler.  The one upside to #TASK is that it look like it will actually remember the properties once we have set it up, so all we will need to do is enter the correct property values.


We use 16 different custom properties, shown below.  These properties exist in parts as well as assemblies.  Is there an easier way to "batch replicate" properties & their values to a group of files?  Something that does not require the Property Names to be manually entered every time...just the Value for the property?



Just fishing for options/ideas.  Trying to find the quickest, easiest, least error-prone option for doing this...while we mourn the loss of our beloved Gator...