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Solidworks Crashing - What is normal and acceptable?

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by Jim Riddell


I have been a Solidworks user since 2007. Over all those years we have had a crash history. Some years were worse than others and some saw significant improvements from the previous year release. We have multiple users running Solidworks using a Network License. All of our users are currently using "homebuilt machines". I started with a Dell desktop with a built in video card. As we grew we started building our own machines. Some of these machines have been built from plans that Charles Culp and Anna Wood have designed. My deepest thanks to both for their substantial contributions to this forum! More recently we have spec'ed our own builds. All machines were always verified against Solidworks recommendations. All machines are running approved video drivers.


We also moved to a NAS for data storage and we all work from the NAS for our file storage. We rarely work local and save remote - we usually work and save remote. I do not believe that we have seen an uptick in crashes with the introduction of the NAS.


In the past we have sometimes submitted crash reports. Most of the time we do not submit the reports as the problem is almost never repeatable.


We have done support tickets in the past on some crashes when it became severe. I can remember once or twice when we tried a complete clean reinstall. We usually get suggestions from tech support that our assemblies are built wrong, a setting needs to be tweaked or some other idea. Every tech seems to have a different approach. Those kinds of suggestions have been helpful and appreciated never seem to resolve the issue.


We currently are running in the neighborhood of 1 crash every two days to sometimes 5-6 crashes in a single day. This is per machine/seat.


Over all the years there was one year that was markedly worse (Sorry, don't remember the year). Other than that it seems that no matter what we change, how many tech support cases we open or how many crash reports or Rx we submit they never seem to go away.


My questions:


1) What in your opinion is a reasonable number of crashes that one can expect using Solidworks?

2) In your opinion - for those that have moved from network storage to PDM standard or Professional, has that improved your crashes?

3) Have any of you had a similar story? If so, were you able to get the crashing resolved? If so, how?





You failed to mention what version (year) you're using and what modules you're using.


Using 2016 SP4. We stay up to date except for a brief time in 2009 when the market was really crappy. I use Simulation and SW Professional. Other here just use plain ol Solidworks.