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Having trouble figuring out the bulgy bits

Question asked by Jeremy Rodríguez on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Jeremy Rodríguez

I've stumped myself, my boss, and the client refuses to give us the proper dimensions/views to get this thing modeled correctly. So now I'm stuck with a pair of calipers trying to get some measurements off the existing model (we're re-doing shoddy work from another company) trying to get this part on the front of the ship modeled.




This little bulge here has completely stumped me on how to approach it. My current approach has been thus:


1) Get measurements as best as possible2) Sketch, then project onto corresponding surface.

3) Attempt to loft/boundary it into existence.


It seems that the 3rd step is what's giving me problems. If you guys have some magic trick that would make this much easier than it is, I would buy whoever is local a beer..


I've attached the part file as well with my current sketches if somebody wants to tell me how I screwed it up.