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solidworks vba

Question asked by Adam Tesfay on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by Nilesh Patel

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and I have zero experience with VBA in Solidworks or VBA in general. I was wondering if it’s possible to have a macro in Solidworks that would ask user to browse for excel file that has name of parameters on column A and the values on column B. once the excel is selected the macro would loop through column A and see if it exist in Solidworks active open doc(or open specific sw doc)  as a global variable if it does copy the value from column B else create the global variable from column A and B and move to next row and do the same. If this possible and not too much to ask I was hoping someone could provide me a macro? Or give me a guide with outline of the code structure? Thanks in advance.