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Making a ring design in SolidWorks using a loft, is it possible to set 3D sketches coincident to a sketch in a plane?

Question asked by Valerie Linscott on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2016 by Valerie Linscott

Hello I am working on trying to design a wedding band to 3D print (via for myself.


I am trying to design a simple curved "wishbone" style band with a simple engraving (those features can be supressed if you take a look at the model).


wedding band 1.png


I am using a single loft feature with a 3D sketched spline and a rectangle sketch to create the shape. The problem I am having is that my 3D sketch is making it so that the ring "bulges" at the base because the 3D sketch is not a perfect circle when you are looking at the ring normal to the Front plane (see images below)


wedding band 2.png


wedding band 3.png


My question is, is it possible to make the 3D sketch Coincident with a circle (the inside profile of the ring) in the front plane?


There is likely a much easier way to design this ring and any help/advice is much appreciated.


Thank you!