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E3 Visa in USA for Australians + SW specialist recruiters

Question asked by Mahesh Joglekar on Sep 23, 2016

Two/Three related questions

1) Can any body recommend any Engineering / design recruitment firms who specialist in Engineering / CAD and if possible SW jobs  in USA ( west coast if possible)

2) In the light engineering (metal/plastics/ timber, Non Automotive) using Solidworks which areas or hubs would you suggest to concentrate for job / contract search

3) Like IT where people are recruited from around the world and it is perhaps common for US companies to know the Visa process I am wondering what is the attitude of small/ med / large manufacturing companies in USA in this regard

I am aware that CAE work is out sourced overseas (both low end and high end) but about on site recruitment

Australians have a special and easier ( for employer) visa category called E3 in USA  and I am exploring what opportunities there might be in USA?