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Rollback to "Revision:" Event API

Question asked by Mario Zahren on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by Jerome De San Nicolás

Hello all,

how to rollback a File in vault to the event "Revision:"? The only thing I can get is the Version but that is unfortunately not the Revision-Entry in the History of the file.

Here the code I use so far:


public void releaseNativDocInvalid(string EcnNewComment, IEdmFile8 File, IEdmFolder5 ppoRetParentFolder, string configName, IEdmVault13 vault)




                IEdmHistory history = vault.CreateUtility(EdmUtility.EdmUtil_History) as IEdmHistory;



                Array historyItems = Array.CreateInstance(typeof(EdmHistoryItem), 0);


                history.GetHistory(ref historyItems, (int)EdmHistoryType.Edmhist_FileRevision);


                string targetRevision = ((EdmLib.EdmHistoryItem[])historyItems)[1].moData.mbsStrData1;

                int targetVersion = ((EdmLib.EdmHistoryItem[])historyItems)[1].mlVersion;


                IEdmEnumeratorVersion5 verEnum = default(IEdmEnumeratorVersion5);

                verEnum = (IEdmEnumeratorVersion5)File;


                IEdmVersion5 ver = default(IEdmVersion5);

                ver = (IEdmVersion5)verEnum.GetVersion(targetVersion);



            catch (COMException exp)


                string errorName, errorDesc;

                vault.GetErrorString(exp.ErrorCode, out errorName, out errorDesc);

                vault.MsgBox(0, errorDesc, EdmMBoxType.EdmMbt_OKOnly, errorName);




Any sugestions?