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    Trouble importing DXF from PADS and ALLEGRO

    Daniel Popovich
      When importing a DXF output from "PADS" into a Solidworks Part file all of the reference designators are being underlined with a centerline similar to the way you would use the text sketch tool in solidworks. I am having to manually delete this because I don't want this to show up on my CCA drawings.

      I am also having the same issue importing DXF's from "Allegro," only it's much worse, in addition to the underlining all of the text (reference designators) are shifting upon import and they are illegible because they either extend into the part outlines or are overlapping other reference designations.
        • Trouble importing DXF from PADS and ALLEGRO
          Daniel Popovich
          I found a roundabout solution to the text movement. I was able to read the dxf's into Autocad correctly and then export a dxf from autocad. The export from Autocad imported to Solidworks correctly.

          I spoke to our solidworks re-seller about the underlining text issue and he said it's a bug recognized by Solidworks and there isn't a work around, you just have to go through and delete all of the dashed lines.