Mold Tools

Discussion created by 1-GCUQMA on Oct 2, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2008 by John Kreutzberger
John and others not using the mold tools.

I understand some aspects of NOT using the mold tools. Such as drafting filling the hole and extending out the shut off surfaces.

But, how do you avoid not using the parting line tool and the Tooling Split Tool.
The Shut-off Surfaces tool creates the cavity and core surfaces for you and the Tooling split tool creates the cavity and core body for you.

How do you do it without using these tools and is it really easier? I am not questioning how you do it or weather you are right or wrong. I just dont understand how to avoid it. Could you give a quick note on how to do it without the tools

Thank you for you help, and consideration.