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Search in every nested list

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Sep 21, 2016

UI Suggestion: Add search function to everything... in which the entirety of the list is not visible in one view, particularly because collapsed folders hide contents.



Is this material available in the Material Library? Add a search field to find by keyword.

Design Library, custom properties, weldment profiles, appearances, and many other nested lists could benefit from a contextual search bar ...just like the one available in Options. Pretty much anything that has an associated file location shouldn't require me to go there and search through a File Explorer.

I am certain that other users could come up with more places, conditions, or situations. Where would you like to see a contextual search bar added?


Command, Help, Options, and Assembly Components (via filters or Advanced Component Selection) currently are searchable well. Anything else is mostly a hunt and peck process if you didn't organize it extensively yourself.


Sure, familiarity with long lists and appropriate categorization is part of a learning process to using the software. Once you've found it once, you may recall where to go after it next time. Commonly used things can often be favorite'd into a customized shorter list. Irrelevant things can often be deleted or moved elsewhere to shorten the available options. However, anything that has this much flexibility and broad applicability could use a tool to locate the thing you seek whenever presented with many many choices.


I'm thinking, "too little, too late." Maybe next year.