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Need help understanding Child/Parent Relations for the SMART components

Question asked by Sanya Shmidt on Sep 21, 2016

Hello Guys!


I`m confused a little bit with Smart components and the way they work. May be they just don`t have the functionality yet we expected to see.

OK. Here is the situation we have.


- we do have a masterweldment.sldprt with lots of sketches that we use to extrude various weldment profiles *.sldlfp


- this masterweldment.sldprt is a part of masterweldmentassy.sldasm that has lots of smart components with features (this smart features create various geometry in the masterweldment.sldprt such as holes, cuts etc...) .


- we wrote an app that configures this massive sub assembly in .NET based on the customer preferences. This app creates BOM and suppose to spit out the Weldment

Profiles list with features affecting the profile it resides on. (ex. M-00256 50.25, A-00132-3 0.5, A-00768-3 1.160 etc.) meaning shop has to use M-00256 extrusion @ 50.25" long and then use CNC programs A-00817 @ 1.5" from base point, A-00818 @ 0.375" from base point). So basically app reads all this information from the 3D model along with Sketch dimensions for the Smart Components and creates this table below:.


- I understand there are quite a few ways to create smart components and I`m not sure if we doing that correctly.

- Our goal is to have relations between the Weldment Profile and the smart component. Like one below:


So we know for sure which features affecting what profiles/Structural members.

That works well until you start replacing Weldment profiles with different profiles.


That is where we are experiencing the problem. Once you change the profile - Smart components loses the face its attached to. For example if the extrusion profile changes from 2" to 4".


I know two ways of creating defining assembly with features.


1. When you use Faces of the defining part as a start point (holes or cut extrude). I Guess in this situation the specific geometry (hole) is linked/referenced to a face it cuts through. Relation Child/Parent in this case is stable unless you replace weldment profile.


2. You can add CUT planes in the defining assembly and use them as a replacement sketches for the features.

For example you add the hole on the face and then replace Sketch with the cut plane - In this case it doesnt matter if you replace weldment profile after it will just cut through the plane everything that behind it.


In this case Child/Parent relation disappear.



I know its a lot information to consume, but those who work with Smart components and does same or similar manipulations should understand exactly what we doing and may be advise on a better solution.


Thank you.