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Can CFD Calculate the Stress on an Agitator?

Question asked by Michael Wade on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2016 by Luis Arias

A quick question for CFD gurus...


A little background info first.  I work for a company that specializes in industrial agitation.  We design and manufacture everything from portable agitators the size of a person to very large agitators with impeller diameters in excess of 25 ft.  We currently use SolidWorks Simulation (not CFD) to apply static loads to the blades to calculate the stress on various components of the wet-end assembly.  We realize this does not reflect the real world forces acting against the impeller.  Real world loading is dynamic and cyclical.


We haven't had a SolidWorks maintenance agreement for almost 2 years (not my choice, the decision was made before I started working here).  If our company was to invest in SolidWorks CFD, is it able to calculate the stress from the fluid acting against the impeller as it rotates in the tank, or is the CFD software strictly for simulating the characteristics of the fluid?  And if CFD can't simulate those kinds of stresses, does anyone know of a software that can?


Your responses are greatly appreciated.