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    Color Blindness Approaches

    Dennis Dohogne

      In SWX2016 SP0 the user interface was dramatically changed in several ways.  The most notable was the icon colors went from high contrast yellow/green to low contrast grey/light blue.  The reason given for this had to do with accommodating those with color blindness.  There was much furor over this for the next eight months until SP4.0 came out and we were given the choice to use the "classic" icon colors.  Personally I think the option for color scheme should have been what was implemented in the first place instead of the stark change, but that is just my opinion.  There was a ton of discussion on this in the forum and even the Top Ten list for SolidWorks World 2016 had this as the number one item, with the second item only garnering about half the votes.


      At breakfast today I'm flipping through the September issue of Machine Design and see this:  Special Glasses Combat Color Blindness | Medical content from Machine Design   It is another approach to the problem.

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          Roland Schwarz

          Among other things, SW is guilty of an over-simplified approach to this problem. Colorblindness comes in many colors. What might be easily viewed for someone red-deficient could be a nightmare for someone who is blue-deficient.


          If they can toggle between two color schemes, they could certainly do it for three or four.

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