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Reattach balloon using API

Question asked by Jeetendra Prasad on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by Keith Rice

Hi All,


We have tons of assemblies which contains weldment structure.

Our users are now changing missing weldment profiles from earlier missing location to new locations (sldlfp file names are same). By doing that changes, the sketch profile needs to be manually corrected which they are doing. ANd so original faces/edges/etc are replaced and hence balloon becomes dangling in drawing. I want to remove these dangling balloons by finding balloons and their leader point locations in the original drawing and related assembly. And in new drawing if any balloon with same id is there which is dangling then I want to attach it to whatever face/edge found at original leader point.


Can this be a valid point and this be done. Any pointers will be great.



Jeetendra Prasad