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Help with creating a hem on a tapered solid with sheet metal?

Question asked by Kevin Ash on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by Mike Helsinger

So I have to create a very specific type of geometry, and I believe sheet metal is the useful tool here. The reason for that is the shape is based off taking a flat part and bending it, so obviously sheet metal tools are best for that. Here's where it get's tricky though- I need the piece to taper towards the top, and from what I can tell sheet metal tools don't really seem to like that very much. I get that these tools are not typically meant for tapers like that, so I'm not even sure it will be possible, but I wanted to see if anyone here would know how to do this.


Basically, I need this tapered piece to have a hem at one end. I've attempted to use "sketched bend" as that has worked perfectly when I've suppressed the taper. It will be hard to explain the geometry in word, it will just be easier to attach example files and pictures.


"snip1, snip2, snip3"- these attachments are examples of what I am going for here. You may ask, if I have modeled these solids then aren't I done here? Well, they're pretty messy to be honest (I used a hole slew of extruded cuts that left some weird missing pieces) and more importantly I can't get a flat pattern anymore because it's so cut up that I get weird errors when I try.


You may say that I should just taper it then do a revolved cut or swept cut. But when I do this, I can only get it to look like the attached part file: "example_badversion". If you compare it to the screenshots, the key difference is that my goal structure will end in a flat face at the end of the hem, while if I do this type of swept cut it basically creates a cone-shaped hem.


I've also attached "example part" if you'd like to play around with it. I'm not attached to my methods here, if you can think of any easy way to make this shape please let me know.