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    PDM GetDerivedBOMs issues

    Joe Pickens

      I am trying to get the BOM From Assemblies in PDM and i keep getting this error


      This is the code i am using. Can someone help me get this to work.


      'Option Explicit

      Sub test2()


      'For EPDM

      Dim Vaultapp            As New EdmVault5

      Dim EPDMSearch          As IEdmSearch7

      Dim EPDMSearchR         As IEdmSearchResult5

      Dim EPDMFile            As IEdmFile9

      Dim derivedBOMs()       As EdmBomInfo


      Dim ThisWB              As String

      Dim i                   As Integer

      Dim Length              As Integer


      'Login to EPDM Vault

          Vaultapp.LoginAuto "_MO_Vault", 0


      ThisWB = "130009000.SLDASM"


          Set EPDMSearch = Vaultapp.CreateSearch()

                  EPDMSearch.FindFiles = True

                  EPDMSearch.FindFolders = False

                  EPDMSearch.FindHistoricStates = False

                  EPDMSearch.Recursive = True

                  EPDMSearch.Filename = "%" & ThisWB & "%"


      'Get the first file in the EPDM Vault

          Set EPDMSearchR = EPDMSearch.GetFirstResult


          Set EPDMFile = EPDMSearchR


          Call EPDMFile.GetDerivedBOMs(derivedBOMs)


          Length = derivedBOMs.Length   'This is what the error is highlighting


          While i < Length

              id = derivedBOMs(i).mlBomID


      End Sub