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Photoview 360 Jump Frames/Black Frames/Corrupt AVI

Question asked by James Musser on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by James Musser

Hi everyone,


I've been running into Photoview 360 rendering issues when trying to make an animation video for a client with very particular video requirements. The animation video consists of one part file wherein the camera view is rotated around the part using the animation wizard in motion studies. Looking at the motion study, everything appears to be fine, but once the animation is rendered, there are some "jump" frames that come into play. What will happen is that the rendered animation comes out fine otherwise, but at the end of each rotation set up in the motion study, there will be one-two frames where the part will "jump" out of center, then return. This is just a minor annoyance that can be solved by cutting out the frames afterwards, but I was curious to see if anyone else had these problems.


Another issue is that the export file, once edited with some high end video editing software, adds a "black frame" right at the very end of the video so that there's a bit of an unwanted flashing affect. To clarify, there isn't even a black frame present that can be edited out, it's just some sort of hiccup that occurs with playback in any media player. This was using the default "Intel IYUV" compressor.


I've also tried using the option for "Full Frames - Uncompressed" to save the animation video but this resulted in a corrupt AVI file. I've heard rumors that with the "Full Frames - Uncompressed" option, you have to use a white background to get the AVI to even come out playable, but that's not really an option here regardless.


Anyways, I wanted to see if anyone had encountered similar problems and if they figured out a workable solution. Thanks and have a good one!