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Inch External Lock Washer

Discussion created by Jody Stiles on Oct 1, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2008 by Raymond Pearson
So I went looking for an Inch size External Tooth Lock Washer in my toolbox and there isn't one but there is a Metric one. I contacted my VAR about it a while back and they didn't have one either so I'm assuming it's an oversight.

Today I monkeyed around with the Access files and saved a new Inch one from the Metric one but I've got a problem...the part did not actually update when I changed the units from MMGS to IPS. When adding the washer to an assembly; the Property Manager for the washer shows it having the correct values for the part but when I hit the check button the part suddenly takes those inch values and converts them incorrectly to millimeters (divides them by 25.4 instead of multiplying). So my #4 washer turns out to have a 0.005" inside diameter instead of 0.123".

Has anyone done this same procedure and had it work correctly? I've attached 2 images of the pre and post "check" of adding the washer to an assembly.