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    2016 Shortcut Bar Keyboard Is Missing??!!

    Jordan Camp

      I just upgrade to SW 2016 and my "Shortcut Bar" does not appear as a keyboard option to map to?

      The option does appear in the Mouse Gestures, but only for drawings and sketches...

      Anybody else experience this or have any insight as to why or how this option could just "disappear"?


      Thank You,


      Jordan C.

        • Re: 2016 Shortcut Bar Keyboard Is Missing??!!
          Kelvin Lamport

          After upgrading to SW16, did you update the graphics driver to suit?

          If no, do so.

          If yes, try resetting the registry. Please note that this will effectively reset the SW installation to the default settings.


          Close SolidWorks

          Click Windows Start button

          Select Run (this will open a new window)

          In that window, type regedit & hit OK (this will open a new window)

          Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software

          Rename SolidWorks key to SolidWorks OLD

          Restart SolidWorks (the registry key will be re-created)


          If the Shortcut command is returned go ahead and re-create any customizing to the toolbars, menus, etc.

          If not, you can re-enter the registry, delete the newly created SolidWorks key, and rename the SolidWorks OLD key back  to SolidWorks


          Once you have the settings & options as you want them, remember to save the registry key using the File > Export option. You can save it wherever you want and name it whatever you want ... providing you keep the .reg extension.

          Another method is to use the SW Copy Settings Wizard.



          If the settings get screwed again, simply double click the exported .reg file to do the reset, ... but this time with all the customised settings.

          If you used the Copy Settings Wizard to save a .sldreg file, you will need to use the Wizard again to import it.