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    Different GPUs For Rendering

    Daniel Smith

      Does anyone know if you can combine differing GPUs in a single machine for rendering with Visualize? For example, using a Quadro card in combination with a Geforce card. Thanks!

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          Nicolas Michel-Imbert

          I've tested this combinaison (Geforce+Quadro) in the past but finally stopped because my Quadro wasn't strong enough, compare to the Geforce.


          From what I remember, it worked but unperfectly, simply because the driver (Geforce or Quadro, I don't remember) wasn't optimized for each card. I would recommand to use same cards, or at least same type of cards (Quadro-Quadro or Geforce-Geforce) in your machine.

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            Sergio Adrià

            Hello, if you can combine, just keep in mind that in the control panel of nvidia, in 3d configuration, program configuration, add all programs visualize, in cuda-gpu only activates the gtx, the nvidia quadro Connect to the monitor, so visualize will use the gtx for rendering and the render queue and the frame will be free to model and system, the drivers have to choose those of one of the two, but they will work well.
            It is as if you have two pc in one, models and renders at the same time without limitation.
            The cuda of the gtx are infinitely faster than those of nvidia quadro

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              Chris B.

              Thinking of doing the same.  Have people had success using a Quadro card to drive SolidWorks and GeForce card (in same pc) to drive Visualize?