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Advanced mate - point moves inside a closed curve (Area mate)

Question asked by Peter Smith on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by Dennis Dohogne



I'm trying to figure out how to do an advanced mate which is doing the following - a point from  Part1 to stay INSIDE a closed curve defined in Sketch on Part2. I would call it Area mate (point belongs to the area surrounded by closed curve).


There is advanced mate where it's possible the point to follow a path / curve but I can't see a mate where the point stays inside the closed curve (belongs to the area surrounded by the curve). Ideally it should be - a point to belong to the area surrounded by closed 3D surface - this will bring the ultimate freedom.


Why I need such advanced mate? Imagine a cylinder which has a big gap to the surrounding walls and can rotate and move in XY (limited in Z direction). Without such advanced mate I can't move freely the detail inside the chamber. Well, one patch is to use Move XYZ command and chose Collision detection but in my case this is not an option.


For some particular shapes like circle it's possible with big efforts to achieve such behavior with the existing mates, the question is what is the solution for any area shape.


Thank you