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Macro to Export a Sheet Metal Part Model (Flat Pattern) to a .DXF File

Question asked by Jonathan Lee on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by Jason Martin

Hi All,


I have read a few posts regarding macros for creating .dxf files but none seemed to be what i wanted. Hopefully mine will be simple.


At the moment on a sheet metal part to get it to a flat pattern .dxf file I -

  1. right click the "flat-pattern" feature
  2. "export to DXF / DWG" on the drop down bar
  3. Save as
  4. In the same file location as the part itself I change the name to "File name - Flat-Pattern"
  5. Save
  6. under the DXF / DWG Output I select, Sheet metal, Geometry, Library Features, forming tools then hit the tick button
  7. quickly check it looks good then click save.


This is what i do 95% of the time! So i was wondering if a macro would be able to be made to automate this??


The problem we have mainly is other engineers may call the file name for the flat pattern slightly different or use file save as method which the saves as flat pattern (no -). This does cause problems down the line in manufacturing.


So at the least if the macro could do the below, automatically, it would help us a lot!


  1. Save the part as a .dxf file named "File name" & "Flat-Pattern"
  2. take us to the DXF / DWG Output option Screen.


From there we can select the options we want and for the other 5% of the time of my work select the correct orientation. we can then quickly check the dxf output is ok.


Hope that makes sense


best Regards


SW2015 SP3 x64 Edition