Thomas Hall

referenced files are not being pulled when using pack and go or copy tree

Discussion created by Thomas Hall on Oct 1, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2008 by Scott Dankel
I am testing Copy Tree in comparison to Pack and Go.

I am testing on the following files:

111111-501.SLDASM which contains 222222.SLDPRT

I have noticed that in either function (Panck and GO and Copy Tree) that if I select the assembly or the assemblies drawing, the command will pull in the assembly, the assemblies drawing and the part, but NOT the drawing associated to the part.

Is this the functionality? Is this how the doftware is supposed to work?

If so and/or if not, is there a better way to accomplish a full duplication, capturing all associated parts and drawings? How do you handle duplicating a larger assembly referenceing mulitple files in mulitple folders with drawings?

Something just does not seem right.