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Changing visible edges to dotted lines Macro (VBA)

Question asked by Benjamin Danard on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by Keith Rice

Hello everyone,


I'm working on a tool for work. Creating a 1:1 drawing for bent tubes. I'm 90% done but still working on polishing up the drawing itself.


I'm overlaying two drawings on top of each other. The main tube and a larger "tolerance tube". I've hidden the tangent edges of the tolerance tube so it's just an outline around the main tube.



I would like to change the outline of the tolerance tube to be dotted lines. I can do this by right clicking on the sketch and changing the defaults manually. But when I try to record a macro it doesn't capture this change.


Is there some way to change the Visible edge line type of a drawing using a Macro?




Right click on a view --> Component Line Font --> Uncheck "Use document defaults" --> Change Visible edges to dotted lines