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Drawing View Scales

Discussion created by Ricky Gutierrez on Sep 30, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2008 by Wayne Tiffany
Has anyone found a way to pull the view scale information into a block or text favorite. Our company works with a customer whos drawing format comes from AUtoCAD. So they expect to see the drawings we create look like theirs. In any case we have to use custom call outs for details views and section cuts. As a result I had to turn all options except the detail view or section letter example.


is all that comes in when a section view is taken but then a text favorite is inserted that brings in the rest of the information see the pricture attached for a better understanding.

so my question...
Does anyone have a way to pull into the text favorite or a block the view scale information? On a side note the View scale is not the same as the page scale.
What I am trying to avoid is having to type in and check the scale everytime.