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Dismiss or Ignore Function Returns

Question asked by Brian Poelman on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by Brian Poelman

I have a question, more related to the syntax of VBA than SW API but hoping you can help me out with it.


In SW API programming, I often use functions that return a plethora of values which I don't need.  Is there a way to ignore these returned values without having have to create dummy variables to store them.  For example, I'm currently using the Get5 Method from the ICustomPropertyManager interface. (link: 2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Get5 Method (ICustomPropertyManager))  This method returns 4 variables (ValOut, ResolvedValOut, WasResolved, and the Get5 Return) of which I only need 2.  Currently I always create a dummy variable to store these returned values but it just seems inefficient and a waste of variables floating around.


Is there any value I can put in for a field such as "WasResovled" to just ignore this return?  Syntax would then be:

returnedValue = Get5("PART_NUMBER", False, ValOut, IGNORE?, IGNORE?).


I've tried "void", "Null", "Nothing" all without successes.  Any assistance is appreciated.  Thanks.