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sw lags with cpu maxed

Question asked by 1-DQ29I7 on Sep 30, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2008 by Wayne Tiffany
hi all,

I recently switched computers from a Dell 390 to a Dell T5400. Software wise, they are identical. Both on XP SP2, 32bit, 3GB switch on, SW 2006 SP5.1, same sw settings and same amount of ram (4GB). The only difference is hardware.

Whenever I have a small assembly/part open, anytime I click on something within the model view (ie a dimension in sketch mode or an edge/surface) SW will lag with CPU maxed (in my case, 25% b/c its quad core) and will stay like this from anywhere between 5-30 seconds. it happens as frequently as every 5 clicks or as seldom as 30 clicks. Either way, it won't go away and I can't seem to figure out whats causing this.

any ideas?