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    Midpoint Line - SW2015 Crashes

    Rick McDonald

      Every time I try to use the Midpoint Line function in SW2015 pro, SolidWorks crashes.

      I never had this problem in earlier versions and my co-workers don't see the problem sing 2015 std. or pro.

      I have tried it with SP1.1, SP4 and SP5 and still the same results.

      Even when I start a new drawing, click on the sketch tab, select the line pull down and select Mid point line, select a plane, place my first point, drag out to space and then Click - I get the crash

      Any ideas what could be causing this?

      I don't often use the midpoint line but when I forget it will crash and select it I usually end up loosing a lot of work and have to start over.

      It will do it in an existing part when I go to edit a sketch - even in a part created in an earlier version or on another system.

      It's got to be a screwy setting I made but I can't figure out what.

      I thought maybe something in a template I use but that wouldn't explain it happening when someone else made the part and I edit it.

      These are my system options for sketch

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          Shaodun Lin

          Hi Rick:


          Can you capture a crash incident using Rx and send it to your Value-added Reseller?


          Alternately, you can try to start the SOLIDWORKS in ' Safe mode' and try again.


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              Rick McDonald

              Shaodun Lin

              Great suggestion.

              I did what you said and captured the process with SolidWorks Rx.  - However, I am off subscription so I don't know that I will get help from my VAR.

              Then I did the second step you suggested and, using SolidWorks Rx, opened in OpenGL Mode.

              Had the same problem, only difference was didn't see the error message when SW crashed.


              Then did the 3rd step - bypassing the Tools/Options settings.  IT WORKED.

              This confirms it is one of my settings (that I probably made when I started using 2015.  I think at that time I started with a fresh install and did not re-use my old settings from previous versions.

              Now I just need to figure out what setting could cause this.

              You gave me a great pointer in the right direction and confirmed it is my settings that are the problem.




              After a bunch of trial and error - comparing System Options from the GENERIC Options settings (bypassing MY system options) with my system options I found the culprit.

              My Settings (Crashes):                                                                                 Modified attempt (still crashes)

              r7 - Midline CRASHES SW.jpgr7 - Midline CRASHES SW2.jpg

              Generic Settings (works fine):

              r7 - Midline Works.jpg

              I restored all my original SYSTEM settings from my last saved "Copy Settings Wizard", and then tried checking and un-checking these options and had the same results.

              Looks like it doesn't like the "on screen numeric input on entry creation".

              A shame because that is the way I like to work.

              Now I will have to not use the Midline function or not use the numeric input option.

              Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

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              Shaodun Lin

              Hi Rick:


              I am glad  that you had found out the root cause,  and thanks for sharing of the troubleshooting process.

              By right, the setting should not cause crashing issue, so you may send the Rx file to VAR and see if they can submit to SOLIDWORKS Technical support for further investigation. If your VAR has an SR number for this issue, please let me know.