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    Working Offsite

    Glenn Douglas
      Is it possible to work off site using the PDM Enterprise vault? We have a few users who occasionaly work at home. With PDM WorkGroup they would do a pack and go save their files do their work off site and then check them back into the vault when they return.

      Can this be done with Enterprise?
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          Joy Garon
          Hi Glenn -

          Yes you can.

          First check out all the files you will need and make sure that you have local copies (Get latest version) of any references that are required (bit not being modifed).
          Then select Tools, Work Off-line.

          Your users can work away and when they come back into the office select Tools, Work online.

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            John Layne
            Yet another option--

            Set up Virtual Private Networking on your server and client PCs.

            Pays to "Get the latest version" before working off site to reduce network traffic. I often work from home via the VPN and have found it very workable.

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                Jon Brunke
                Our PDMWE database and archive server is in Ohio. We're using SNL for SolidWorks at the Ohio installation. I regularly work from home using both PDMWE and SolidWorks and a Cisco client VPN. The company's internet connection is low end T1. My (phone line) DSL usually runs at 54mbps. I don't use wireless when working.

                Go home cable my laptop and login. Start my VPN, log into PDMWE and I'm ready to go. The initial check out for the largest product assembly we have to date is 20 minutes. Sorry don't have total file size metrics at my finger tips.

                We just finished setting up a second Archive server in Australia. We have a persistent VPN connection (probably on a T1) to their main building and then a high speed DSL to their second office building.

                The jury is not in on performance in Australia but I can tell you this. I've been home connected to my Ohio office and also remotely logged into the archive server in Australia. I've watched the meta-data changes I make from home show up in PDMWE on the Australian server in less than 30 seconds.

                Last night one of our Australian Engineers reported it took "about 20 minutes" to retrieve the same assembly I referred to earlier.

                Given my experience at home his report suggests the files had already been replicated to his archive at the time he accessed them. So I don't really know how long it took to move the data from my archive.

                We are just setting up automatic replication which seems to work well so far. We're not horribly concerned about bandwidth and transfer duration in Australia because we create new and/or modify 60 mg worth of CAD files per day. We expect automatic off hour replication will handle that just fine.

                No doubt someone may wonder why I seem to be promoting PDMWE. SolidWorks and PDMWE are new to us here (less than 1 year). After many years of dealing with CAD I'm actually a grizzled skeptic. The brochures are nice but actually seeing two of our product engineering groups working from a common database has made an impression on me.

                Talk to you VAR, ask a lot of questions.